The developer, Clementine

Hi, my name is Clementine. Welcome.

This is a site for adults. Please read the terms to make sure you are familliar with how the site operates. There are sixty posts with sixty photos, as well as no video recordings and no audio recordings online.

Please be sure you are of age, as no one under twenty-one (21) years of age is allowed on this site. ID verification with a valid state ID is required when creating an account in order to access the site. You may not access the site without an account.

This is a private website for my own personal adult content. Please respect the privacy of this website and do not access any of the site in a public place or with anyone unsafe. Facial recognition is required for secure logins and I reccomend adding a phone number to your account in order to secure your account further. You can also call me and listen to recordings on the phone. If you just want to call me and your identity is verified, here's my number:

+1 (970) 585-7901

The code for this site may be for sale soon! If you are interested in deploying the site, please contact me. Security features include ID verification, fraud prevention, image and video processing, secure upload/download and sessions, bitcoin, and facial recognition.

If you are ready to get started, click the "Sign Up" button below. Complete identity verification, supplying your name, address, ID number, signature, and scans of the front and back of your ID to begin using the site.

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Brilliant to see you here. With love, Clementine


Nine twenty-eight pm

Welcome to Clemn My name is Clem. I build websites to record and render information. This site is for adults If you are not an adult, you should leave the site now. This site contains adult content and isn't suitable for children 🔞 Your access to this data is being recorded and monitored. I'm using standard software to secure this site and keep her working well I use a MediaRecorder for facial recognition and recording, APIs, computer vision, barcode scanner, SMS, etc I am using SightEngine and FraudGuard along with DeepFace as well as and to keep this site secure, among other software If you are a doctor or police officer, you can access the content and her access records through SightEngine The /media/ directory contains ID documents Epic products can access. Information is available to you with your employer This site is like an NSO product, she's recording a lot of media, she has been key to proving my innocence by validating my statements and understanding of myself and my body You could help me stay safe, understanding this data This site may seem strange but on the contrary it is normal, I'm not far out of the ordinary, even though I might look so I am a woman, I write and write code, record film and audio, sing, draw, walk and hike I gave birth on this site earlier this year, and I'm working on making her a safe place for me. Please be respectful of my privacy and my body here. Please don't hurt me based on what you see here, or my body, even though I'm different than you. Thank you. Your friend, Clem 😘

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